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Leadership in Conflict: 8-Dimensions

As a leader, how do you develop a conflict competent culture? What systems should be put in place to support such an initiative? This course provides an empowering framework for thinking about this possibility, along with a set of possible practical steps to choose from. There is no one-size fits all approach that is going to work for you. Getting there involves experimenting at the systemic, team, and individual levels.

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Based on 50-years combined experience of two mediator consultants, this course distills down the difficult conversations’ curriculum into 8 practical steps. These are all quick to learn and they can make a big difference in how an awkward or challenging conversation will go. Available in in-person, live online, and self-directed online versions, this training can be supplied in a learning format that suits your needs. One very effective format is the self-directed online course combined with live or video-conference group sessions.

How to Develop a High Performance team

This 1-day or half-day offering guides a team through a series of exercises and experiences that lead to choices a team can make. There are opportunities to free up innovative team potential and promote performance, while also enhancing individual growth and enjoyment at work. Building team dynamism requires conscious choices and usually involves communicating more openly.

Principled Negotiation

Based on practical applications of the Harvard model, this course will inform and empower participants in a step-by-step negotiation process which includes principles that can be widely applied. At the same time, the course transcends the Harvard model by including relational emphasis that is particularly relevant on both sides of the table in both indigenous and multicultural contexts. A customized negotiation scenario for role-play practice is part of the training.

Conflict Coaching

Leaders are often faced with their reports complaining to them about other staff. Being understanding and supportive can be helpful, but you also want to empower those in the organization you are responsible for to be more effective in responding to their own interpersonal challenges. This course does exactly that. Difficult Conversations Training is a pre-requisite.

Design Facilitation For Leaders

Learning more about facilitation can change how you lead. Facilitation involves unleashing group creativity and productivity. Neither complete control nor complete freedom will work. The art is to discover and structure optimal forms of guidance that allow collective initiative and intelligence to thrive.

Effective Performance Conversations

Framing feedback in terms of the team’s strategic initiatives helps to avoid the typical (and often not that helpful) this-is-what-you-are-doing-well and this-is-what-needs-attention conversations. You want the person reporting to you to do most of the talking. This course will transform how you think about and carry out your performance review responsibilities resulting in a more positive workplace.

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The Conflict Journey Blog provides depth perspectives and practical advice on effective conflict engagement and resolution for individual, organizational, and political growth.


The On Conflict Podcast was born out the frustrating lack of application of mediator knowledge to some of the world’s troublesome conflicts. It’s our way of taking our work, which has been local to western Canada, to informing listeners around the world and creating a more far-reaching influence through our guests and ourselves.