Custom Training Solutions Available

Team Development

There is conflict on your team.
You would like the team to be more innovative and creative.
There are diversity or other social justice challenges.
You are looking for a facilitator.
A team member is considering a bullying or harassment complaint, or has filed one.
There is someone on the team who is domineering.
You are spending too much time supervising and not enough prioritizing action.
There are diverse opinions and the team is having trouble reaching consensus.

I can help you with these dynamics and others that may have arisen on your team.

Since much of my skill-set has arisen from working in conflict, conflict is frequently but not always why clients make contact with me. When the conflict capability of a team is improved, the team generally performs better in other spheres as well. Conversely, wanting to reduce conflict, or make better use of it to drive creativity, often points towards underlying causes rooted in goal clarity, team relationships, systems, leadership, or power dynamics. So, I work in these areas as well.