Custom Training Solutions Available

Leadership Coaching

You are capable, but you have a lot on your plate. There is much you would like to accomplish for society. You are dealing with some challenging individuals or groups. You also find yourself being presented with multiple opportunities and you’re struggling to manage it all in a way that is satisfying.

You need some help getting more focused and clear about what you are doing. You’re looking for assistance in managing the conflict on your team. You are dissatisfied with your job or you want to be a better leader or manager. The person you report to is overbearing or even possibly abusive, how do you deal with them?

These are challenges I’ve helped clients with through one-on-one coaching. Coaching with me begins with a free session in which I listen to you speak about your situation and your challenges. Fundamentally, we are both sorting out whether we want to work together. In this first session I provide some useful feedback and I propose how I could assist further through a set number of sessions and what fees would be. The scheduling and frequency of 1-hour or 1.5 hour appointments is established based on your goals and our schedules.